Poker with intelligence

Almost all poker players fell into black bars when the card does not go decisively. Few people are happy to send cards for hours to pass, watching as neighbors on the table are fighting for banks and raking in chips. However, if you take your poker seriously, you should take these periods of “drought” as a matter of course and learn to wait for them with the championship discipline. Unwillingness or inability to do this is a mistake, and very costly.
By and large, you should decide what you are playing poker for. Do you like its strategic aspects? Do you try to get better and climb the limits and win money? Maybe you like to take risks? Do you want to lose money at a distance, but experience incalculable feelings, ups and downs, cruel joy from having beaten the older couple with a garbage hand and a bitter disappointment at seeing your pocket aces, which the opponent “moved”?
In any case, you have to be honest with yourself, because you can not get everything right away. The correct, winning poker involves a large number of passes. Big banks once or twice and obchelsya. If you need jumps of adrenaline after winning or losing, my sincere advice is to go to the tables with blackjack or craps. It is clear that the casino in these games has some advantage, but not comparable to the advantage that you give your rivals by calling their raises with trash hands in no-limit hold’em.
If your goal is plus poker, then you need to clearly realize that you can control and what not. Believe it or not, but the winnings are secondary. All that you can control is the decisions you make. If you systematically make the right decisions, money will come sooner or later, just not the fact that it will happen today, tomorrow, this week or even this month. Defeat is part of the game and the ability to keep your losses to a minimum, not allowing tilt or boredom to affect your decisions, is one of the most important characteristics of a plus player.

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