The basics of poker – an introduction to the strategy of a successful game

The goal of a poker player is to make a profit – leaving the table or tournament, he must have more money than was before the game. You can achieve your goal thanks to luck, but in rare cases. Success in card games depends on skill and, in order to steadily win, you need to use strategy – this is the basics of poker. Actually, the strategy consists of several components, which we will discuss in this review. This will help beginners competently organize its development, so as not to miss important points.
Selection of starting hands and position game
In any poker discipline, the game begins with the distribution of pocket cards. This is the first and most important reference point for the player, which must be taken into account when deciding whether to enter the auction or not. At the entrance to the auction, you need to bet. It should be treated as an investment, hence – the rate should bring profit.
Aggressive lines of drawings
The choice of starting hands and positional play are the basics of poker, but without aggressive bidding tactics, poker can not be profitable. If you studied the chart provided, you noticed that most of the actions at the entrance to the auction are Raise. This is justified by the fact that, entering the auction, the poker player pursues two goals:
To increase the bank – since he chose to bet a hand that has a high chance of winning, he needs to immediately take care of increasing the pot – potential winnings;
Knocking out opponents – if the poker player puts a small bet, he will allow more traders to enter the auction. Thus, it will reduce the probability of victory in the hand – the power of their cards.
Optimal tactics
Like mathematics, tactics are the basics of poker, as it is an important strategy tool. It includes a variety of tactical techniques aimed at achieving various objectives:
Bank winnings without opening – with a weak hand (bluff) or with unfinished (semibluff);
Minimization of losses – the transition to the following trades and opening with minimal costs or Fold;
Increase in winnings – increase of the bank at the expense of their rates or the initiative of the opponent;
Realization of long-term perspective – investments in the bank in those situations that bring profit at a distance.

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