Tips for Poker Players

When everyone goes to the right – you go to the left!
You can not just use the same “worn out” strategy that everyone else uses, and expect to receive a large profit
If you play that “good poker”, in which everyone else is playing, then at best you can expect to become a medium player with a small plus.
The best players today are those who themselves actively create an Edge to beat the modern field. In addition, among the masses there is a deep conviction that the game has become so complex today that it is simply impossible to show a good winrate.
Nevertheless, every year you can observe countless examples of people who take off in poker like rockets, smashing this myth.
And the reason for this is that they think differently. They are not those zombied nits trying to copy some “TAG-system”, about which they found out in one of the forums, in the book or video.
That’s why I emphasize your attention in both books that the strategies described in them are just a starting point for you, a guiding vector for the further development of your poker thinking. It’s the same as learning how to fly.
Playing the same way as most people think, it’s counterproductive and just stupid.
A few years ago, I was the first who decided to open or isolate by 10x sizing on microliths with premium hands. Everyone laughed at me in the chat, on the forums, everywhere! But as soon as they realized how well this works, they immediately started trying to copy my game. Especially after I told about it in my pen book and video.
Now everyone knows what this raise means from me, that’s why I do not do it anymore, unless, of course, a full foxhar is playing against me!
When everyone goes to the right, you suddenly turn left. Do not listen to crowds of near-zero “savvy experts”. For you in poker there should not be such a thing as a “standard game”!
No book, coach, video or forum will make you a super strong player, if you do not start thinking on your own!

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